Terms and Conditions

Purchase of any services from Web.Rafe, including Design Packages, confirms your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.


Alteration(s) – A single alteration is defined as a single set of changes made to the work(s) by us, Web.Rafe, as a result of requests for said changes by you, the client. Once the changes are implemented and the new version of the work(s) is returned, one alteration will be regarded as complete.

Design Packages – Collective term for the Logo Design ($149), Business Card (from $249), Website ($690) and Deluxe Website ($1190) Packages as listed on our website.

Parties – Refers collectively to You, the client, and Us, Web.Rafe staff.

Us – Web.Rafe employees, also referred to as ‘We’ or ‘Our’.

You – The client(s), also referred to as ‘Your’.

Work(s) – A website, logo, business card, item of stationary, SEO plan, marketing plan, or any other tangible deliverable from services contracted by you, the client.

Terms & Conditions of Design Packages:

Logo Design Package ($149)
If the 3 supplied logos are refused, 2 more may be requested at the discretion of Web.Rafe staff. Once selected, no more than 3 Alterations may be requested on the selected logo. Copyright is transferred to you on completion. If in the case that you are not happy with any designs, we will retain Copyright of submitted designs.

Business Card Package ($249)
Logo Design Package Terms & Conditions (above) apply. In addition, once designs are agreed upon, refunds may only be requested  as a result of problems with the physical business cards, such as printing issues, miscolouring and so on. Requests for refunds will be forwarded to and handled by our print services suppliers.

Website Package ($690)
A maximum of 5 sections may be requested (eg. About, Services, Contact). All text and images are to be supplied by you. If we need to source images for your website, or write text, any fees incurred will be paid by you, after notification and agreement of said fees by both parties. No more than 3 Alterations may be requested, unless offered under Our discretion. Copyright of the website design remains with the original designer, and Copyright of the logo We supply may be purchased separately.

Deluxe Website Package ($1190)
As per Terms & Conditions of the Website Package (above).

General Disclaimer:

We may not be held responsible for the content of any Work(s) during development, nor after completion, nor anytime thereafter. This is including but not limited to plagiarism, theft of intellectual property, use without permission, and public display of defamatory or discriminatory content.

Web.Rafe may not be held responsible for any misuse of content or Work(s), or security breaches to personal information. Security of the Work(s) is Your responsibility once the first stage of development is complete. Web.Rafe won’t be accountable for any loss due to online fraud, information hacking, identity theft, payment details theft, spam, or any other form of online abuse, offense or unlawful behaviour.

We reserve the right to refuse to deliver Work(s) which are deemed in any way offensive, unlawful or inappropriate. This decision will be at Our sole discretion, and You will be refunded your purchase amount, minus our transaction fees.

Returns and Refunds:

As each Work We deliver requires individual attention, and is unable to be physically returned and resold, the amount we can refund a Work depends on the stage of development. If requested before the first version is submitted, you will receive 80% of your purchase price. If requested after the first version is submitted to you, the refund amount is 60% of the purchase price. Then, the amount will reduce by 15% after each Alteration. For example, requesting a refund after the 2nd Alteration would result in a refund that is 30% of your purchase price.

If You wish to return stationary, including business cards, simply contact us and your request will be forwarded to and handled by our print services suppliers.

About Web.Rafe:
Web.Rafe is an Australian registered business. ABN 50045312065.